Middle & High School
701 Garfield Ave.
Iron River, MI 49935
Phone: 906-265-5184
Fax: 906-265-9750

School Profile

Mike Berutti

Kathy Kinner
Attendance Office
Kelly Tomasoski
(906) 265-3534

Athletic Office
Mike Berutti
(906) 265-5184 x4444

Guidance Office & At-Risk Services Office
Megan Nyberg

Tri Paw Lodge
(906) 265-5508

Annual Education Report:
High School

Cover Letter & Annual Report

Annual Education Report:
Middle School

Cover Letter & Annual Report

West Iron County Middle & High School

Mission Statement

“The educational experience at West Iron County Middle & High School provides for the development of excellence in academic and citizenship skills, as well as personal and social growth for all students.”

News and Announcements

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