Students of the Week

Ayden Jarvi

Week: 38 – May 27

Ayden Jarvi is the son of  Levi and Michelle Jarvi.

Ayden participates in the local soccer league. 

Ayden is a caring student. He is very helpful in the classroom, and he takes pride in his school by helping to keep it clean. Ayden strives to do the best job he can. His determined attitude allows him to excel in math; one of his favorite subjects.  Ayden  enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He loves to be outdoors and he collects antique maps and clocks. Ayden’s commitment to doing well , his contagious smile, and sense of humor helps to improve upon the overall atmosphere at the West Iron County Middle School.  

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Teagan Leonarduzzi

Week: 37 – May 22

Teagan Leonarduzzi is the daughter of Joleen McGeshick.

She participates in: Basketball and Volleyball.

Teagan is a hardworking and dedicated student both inside and outside the classroom. She is a pleasure to have in class and is always willing to help out. She is dedicated to her work both inside and outside the classroom. She has been playing basketball since third grade and volleyball since sixth grade.  In her free time she enjoys playing basketball. She is a role model to the other students around her and always kind to others. 

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Raven Spolarich

Week: 36 – May 15

Raven  is the daughter of Joleen McGeshick.

She participates in: Raven plans to join basketball and track during the next school year. In her spare time, she enjoys reading.

Raven demonstrates a degree of maturity in the classroom that far exceeds many of her classmates. She comes to class prepared daily and actively participates in lessons and discussions. Raven is very conscientious when it comes to completing her assignments and preparing for tests. She is inquisitive and is willing to ask for help when needed. Raven displays a great deal of respect towards her classmates and teachers. Her effort and determination to succeed are greatly appreciated.

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Robert Seymour

Week: 35 – May 8

Robert is the son of  Jennifer Wodowski and Freddie Seymour.

He participates in basketball.

Robbie Seymour is a responsible, hard-working young man who always greets you with a cheerful smile.  He displays a positive attitude in school and on the basketball court.  Robbie conducts himself in an honorable and respectable manner, even when things are tough!  It is always a pleasure to have Robbie in class and his future is surely bright!!  Keep shining Robbie!

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Trevor Dobson

Week: 34 – May 1

Trevor is the son of Kathy Mathesius and Duane Dobson.

He participates in Forest Club.

Trevor is an extremely hard-working student. He always has a very kind and pleasant demeanor towards his teachers and fellow students. Trevor has always been interested in science, especially biology. Trevor’s great love for the outdoors has him involved in hunting, fishing, and trapping. He is always willing to help out our science teachers and students with setting up and maintaining projects. Trevor has also been a student instructor for the Iron County Hunter Safety program for a number of years ensuring that our local youth learn how to use guns safely for recreational purposes.

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Jasmine Mitchell

Week: 33 – April 24

Jasmine is the daughter of Dianna and Matthew Mitchell.

Jasmine deserves student of the week here at West Iron due to her exemplary attitude and effort given in her classes. She always has a smile on her face and shows great interest in the well-being of others. Jasmine is a kind young lady who encourages others around her to try their best in everything. Jasmine is a great example of what is expected as a student here at WIC. Congrats Jasmine, well deserved!

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Grace Gasperini

Week: 32 – April 17

She participates in: varsity basketball, business club and works at Family Foods and the Stand.

Grace is an outgoing student who is always willing to help out. She participates in Varsity Basketball and Business Club. Outside of school Grace works at Family Foods and The Stand. In her free time she enjoys drawing.

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Nathan Thomson

Week: 31 – April 10

Nathan is the son of Michelle and Christopher Thomson.

He participates in: golf, football, basketball and hockey.

Nathan is a hard-working, honest, confident, and compassionate young man. He strives to always perform his best academically and in athletics. Although he is a serious student, Nathan enjoys a good laugh with his classmates, and his laugh is contagious. One attribute that positively stands out in the classroom setting is his innate ability to make each individual feel like he/she belongs. 

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Sarah Kerttu

Week: 30 – April 3

Sarah is the daughter of Richard and Tammy Kerttu.

She participates in Volleyball, Business Club, and National Honor Society.

Sarah is a dedicated student, who is committed to always doing her utmost. She not only applies this diligence in the classroom, but also as member of a team and club. Sarah exemplifies the cornerstones of the National Honor Society, and she betters the West Iron County school community by her service.

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Kailey Garavet

Week: 29 – March 27

Kailey is the daughter of Greg and Kelley Garavet.

She participates in: Tennis, forest club president, student council, class officer, works at Angeli’s.

Kailey is an energetic, conscientious student who is involved in a positive way in many activities at WIC High School. She has a positive attitude and is always ready to ask questions to improve herself.

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Ashley Pflanz

Week: 28 – March 20

Ashley is the daughter of Ralph and Trista Pflanz.

She participates in: Art Club and Forest Club.

Ashley is most deserving of the title “Student of the Week.”  Academically she is thorough and driven–maintaining As and Bs.  What makes that more remarkable is she does so while working two jobs.  Even more impressive–she also manages to fit in time as part of the Art Club and Forest Club, and she handles all of it with such poise and grace.

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Steven Nelson

Week: 27 – March 13

Steven is the son of Larry and Teresa Nelson.

Steven is a highly motivated good natured individual that helps to motivate other students on a daily basis.  Steven’s personality and focused attention alone would warrant recognition, but his driven personality doesn’t allow him to stop there.  Steven is a member of the Varsity Basketball team and actively participates in the “Kids on the Block” group which is a puppet program to help elementary students learn about acceptance of others as well as other key values.  Steven is the type of student that helps to bring a group of students together and is a pleasure to have around.  Keep up the good work Steven, it does not go unnoticed.

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Matthew Maki

Week: 26 – March 6

Matthew is the son of Ron and Sandra Maki.

Matt participates in Quiz Bowl and Business Club

Matthew is a very kind, bright senior who does well academically at West Iron County High School. He is always courteous to his peers and his teachers. He always says “Good Morning” and “Have a nice day.” He is such a pleasure to have in school. Matt enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family. His favorite class is Psychology, because he likes studying the human mind. Matt plans to enroll at Gogebic Community college to study computer science.

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AJ Weisnicht

Week: 25 – February 27

AJ is the son of Becky Borsht and Jeff Weisnicht.

AJ participates in Football and Basketball and creating many school videos.

AJ is an excellent leader in the high school. He is full of school spirit and is a friend to students of every grade and of a variety of interests. AJ works hard every day and makes great movies and school related videos in multimedia class. He is a positive example to the other students and a great asset to the WIC Schools.

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Caden Pellizzer

Week: 24 – February 13

Caden is the son of Jim and Sheri Pellizzer.

Caden participates in: Basketball, Football, Tennis, Student Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Caden has earned the distinction of student of the week because of his work ethic, leadership, and positive character. Although only a sophomore, he is quickly becoming a trusted and positive influence around our school and community. Caden possesses the drive needed to help himself and his peers become successful in everyday life, whether it be athletics, academics, or in the community. He regularly demonstrates an excellent attitude which combined with his positive character helps uplift everyone around him. He is an asset to WICHS.

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Cayne Rowell

Week: 23 – February 6

Cayne is the son of Amber Emerson.

Cayne participates in Football and Basketball.

Cayne is an excellent student and one of the kindest individuals you will ever meet. He is hard-working and comes to school every day ready to work. Cayne participates in football, basketball and track. He is a very well-rounded student, and a joy to have in class.

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Riley Porier

Week: 22 – January 30

Riley is the daughter of Terry Jacobson-Porier and Duane Porier.

Courtney is a 7th grade student and participates in Basketball.

Riley deserves student of the week here at West Iron due to her exemplary attitude and effort given in her classes. She always has a smile on her face and shows great interest in the well-being of others. She seems to always have a good day and encourages others around her to try their best in everything. Riley is a great example of what is expected as a student here at WIC. Great job Riley!

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Courtney Reitmeyer

Week: 21 – January 23

Courtney is the daughter of Kristina Wodzinski and Allen Reitmeyer.

Courtney participates in Basketball and Volleyball.

Courtney is a hardworking and dedicated student both inside and outside the classroom. She has been playing basketball since third grade and joined volleyball in middle school. Courtney shows great responsibility and dedication to her work both on and off the court. Between school and practice, she manages to maintain high standards for herself as she excels in her classes. Courtney is a role model to other students. She is always kind to others and willing to help if called upon.

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Allie Schive

Week: 20 – January 16

Allie is the daughter of Dan and Jen Schive.

Alloe participates in: Girls’ Tennis, Girls’ Basketball (team captain) Senior Class Treasurer, National Honors Society, Key Club, Student Council and Vacation Bible School volunteer.

Allie is a tremendous student athlete. She always manages to excel in her academics while staying very involved in extra-curriculars. She has been an essential part of our science department this year by helping us out with maintaining our lab and equipment. Her great sense of humor and positive attitude make our school a brighter place.

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Alexis Gervea

Week: 19 – January 9

Alexis is the daughter of Dan and Kori Gervae.

Alexis participates in: Volleyball, Basketball and Band.

Alexis plays the flute in the middle school band. At the beginning of class you will find Alexis reviewing fingerings and music with her flute section. She has a passion for music and loves to learn new things. When she is not playing her flute, you will find her hanging out with her friends and playing her Ukulele. Alexis is kind and considerate of other students. She is a great addition to our band.

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Jennifer Piwarski

Week: 18 – January 2

Jennifer is the daughter of Len and Susie Piwarski.

Jennifer is a 11th grader.

Jennifer is a model student by always being kind, puts her best efforts forward and is a good role model for others. She is a pleasure to have in the classroom.

She is always willing to help others and shows kindness.

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Nariah Ketchum

Week: 17 – December 26

Nariah is the daughter of Savannah Raab.

Nariah is a 9th grader and participates in track.

Nariah is an excellent candidate for student of the week because of the positive and cheerful work ethic she displays in the classroom. She works hard, and participates without hesitation and always seems to have a smile on her face. She definitely enhances the atmosphere in the classroom in a positive way which helps those around her.

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Hailey Hokkanen

Week: 16 – December 19

Hailey is the daughter of Troy and Julia Menghini.

She participates in: Hailey participates in art club. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, drawing, and mixing chemicals in her chemistry set.

Hailey is an outstanding citizen at West Iron County Middle School. Her pleasant demeanor and conscientious attitude are positive assets to the classroom environment. Hailey set high goals and strives to achieve them. She demonstrates good work habits, is prepared for class, and participates on a regular basis. Hailey demonstrates respect towards others by being courteous, considerate, helpful and dependable. We enjoy her positive attitude and smiling face.

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Kaitlee Rhino

Week: 15 – December 12

Kaitlee is the daughter of Cheryl and Scott Rhino of Iron River, MI.

She participates in:  National Honor Society, Varsity Volleyball, Key club, Business Club and works at Riverside Pizzeria.

Kaitlee willingly sacrifices her own time for the betterment of her peers, school and community. She is always there to help other students with their studies and has been a peer tutor a number of times.  Kaitlee can be described as a young woman of great character, who displays empathy towards others. She emulates the behavior of not only an exemplary student, but an exemplary person.  She is a positive role model for her peers in the classroom and on the court. Kaitlee leads by example inside and outside the classroom.

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Austin Persson

Week: 14 – December 4

Austin is the son of Matt Rae of Arizona and Christina Persson of Iron River, MI.

Austin is a very friendly student who is courteous to both staff and students. He uses his time wisely in class and is willing to do extras. Austin leads by example and has a great work ethic. He goes above and beyond in class and is always willing to help. Austin participates in Wykon football and track. He also enjoys weight lifting.

Keep up the good work.

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Michelle Wiegand

Week: 13 – November 28

Michelle is the daughter of Steve and Kathy Wiegand.

Michelle participates in Forest Club, Key Club, and Golf. She is also President of National Honor Society. Every Tuesday she volunteers at the American Legion where she waitresses and enjoys the veterans’ company. Michelle’s compatability with others and dedication to school makes her a joy to have not only in a classroom but in the community as well.

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Madison Powell

Week: 12 – November 21

Madison is the daughter of Karen and Jason Powell.

Madison is a conscientious student. She is always prepared with materials and class work. She is attentive and participates regularly in daily classroom lessons and activities. Her insight and mature perceptions add to class discussions. She is dependable and always puts forth her best effort. Maddie is an outstanding citizen, showing respect and courtesy to her teachers and classmates. She is a positive role model for her classmates.

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Izaya Bengry

Week: 11 – November 14

Izaya is the son of Heather Bengry

He participates in: Quiz bowl, Business Club and Forest Club.

Izaya is an excellent hardworking student. As a senior he continues to take on academic challenges in calculus, advanced chemistry, and physics. Izaya strives to be well rounded by searching out new discoveries in science, studying major military battles for high school bowl, and producing videos that could earn his team a spot in the state business competition. We are proud of his accomplishments at West Iron.

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Emily Clements

Week: 10 – November 14

Emily is the daughter of Elizabeth Abramson and Kurt Ambramson.

She participates in: WIC middle school basketball as well as a traveling basketball team. She loves spending time with friends and also enjoys learning about and riding horses.

Emily works hard in the classroom and out on the basketball court. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to staff and peers. She is a well-organized student who strives to do the best that she can. Her determined attitude will provide for her a future of much success. Her friendliness and contagious smile help to improve upon the overall atmosphere at the West Iron County Middle School.

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Madeline McNamara

Week: 9 – October 31, 2016

Madeline is the daughter of Patrick and Marykay McNamara.

She participates in: PomDanz, Student Council, Forest Club, National Honor Society.

Madi is a very outgoing and dedicated student and member of the community. She always puts her best effort into anything she does, whether it is school work or helping out in the science department, or in her extra-curricular activities. She has a great ability to make everyone around her laugh. She makes school an enjoyable environment for everyone.

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Ciara Donati

Week: 8 – October 24, 2016

Ciara is the daughter of April Skoglund and Damian Donati.

She is in 8th grade and participates in basketball.

Ciara has demonstrated excellent leadership skills throughout the year in the classroom.  She is always eager to lead discussions and supports her opinions with good strong facts.  She has performed well academically, and is always striving to achieve success even in the most difficult of circumstances.  It has been a pleasure to have her in Social Studies this year.  Ciara’s positive attitude and demeanor are an example to all students in this school.

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Tori Bociek

Week: 7 – October 17, 2016

Tori is the daughter of Melissa Menapace and Todd Bociek.

She participates in: orchestra, basketball, volleyball and 4-H group Saddle UP.

Tori is an amazing young woman who puts forth a tremendous amount of effort in all that she does. Naturally a strong leader, Tori enjoys volunteering her time to help others. In the classroom, Tori excels at aiding her fellow classmates comprehend the task at hand. On the court, Tori is a powerhouse who enjoys the challenge of the game. Above all, her compassion for mankind exceeds all her many other positive attributes.

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Deian Peterson

Week: 6 – October 10, 2016

Deian is the son of Erica Behning and Damon Peterson.

Deian plans to play basketball this year. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, fishing, and hunting.

Deian comes to class everyday with a positive attitude. Even though he has a keen sense of humor, Deian knows when to focus and get serious about his work. He can be counted on to come to class prepared and to actively participate in class discussions. Deian often thinks outside the box and asks questions that lead to an extension of what is being taught in the classroom. He is truly as asset to the learning process.

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Molly Meyer

Week: 5 – October 3, 2016

Molly is the daughter of Pamela Leonard and Richard Meyer.

Molly works numerous hours at night and on weekend at her job at Mr. T’s and she has gained valuable job experience and experience with working with others.

Molly is a dependable young lady and is a welcome addition to the classroom activities. If given a task Molly devotes herself to its successful completion. She is not one to give up when a job becomes difficult; rather, she enjoys the challenge and seeks ways of surmounting obstacles. Molly’s enthusiasm in the classroom and towards any of her projects makes her a welcome addition to my class.

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Emmy Kinner

Week: 4 – September 26, 2016

Emmy is the daughter of Gary and Kathy Kinner.

Emmy participates in: Varsity tennis, cross country, basketball, track. Emmy is alos a member of the Forest Club, NHS, Class President and student council president.

Emmy is a self-motivated student who is continually striving to better herself in everything she takes on. She is committed to being a successful student & athlete. Emmy is a positive leader and role model. She is always willing to put forth the extra effort to help her fellow students and teammates.

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Mariah Lewis

Week: 3 – September 19, 2016

Mariah Lewis is the daughter of Andrew and Rose Lewis.

Mariak has participated in basketball, pom dance, spirit squad, and track.

Mariah Lewis is a thoughtful, caring, and creative student. She has great insight into issues and contributes to meaningful dialogue in the classroom. Mariah is a good listener to her fellow students and is there to lend a helping hand. It’s a joy to witness Mariah discovering all the potential she has. Mariah has the perfect personality and drive to achieve her life goal … of being a physical therapist for handicapped individuals.

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Ariana Jager

Week: 2 – September 12, 2016

Ariana is the daughter of Ken and Jamie Jager.

Ariana participates in: Art Club and works at The Pasty Corner.

There are many reasons why Ariana Jager is Student of the Week,
but the predominant reason is her strength and tenacity. Life has not been easy for Ariana, yet despite a whirlwind going on around her for much of her high school career, she kept her focus–she kept her long-term goal and, thus, future squarely in her sites…something many young people are not able to do. Ariana is Student of the Week because she has succeeded here despite the obstacles and challenges thrown at her by life. She should now know she can handle anything!

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Robert Ivey

Week: 1 – September 5, 2016

Robert Ivey is the son of Tom and Carrie Ivey.

Robert participates in Varsity Football and Wildlife Unlimited.

Optimistic, appreciative, gracious, and responsible, Robbie is all of these and more! In the classroom setting, Robbie is a conscientious, reflective learner who embraces hard work and seeks challenges to improve understanding. Outside of school, he is a passionate outdoorsman who loves hunting and adventures. A friend and inspiration to many, Robbie’s enthusiasm for learning and life in general is contagious. Uncomplaining and dignified during adversity, dependable, genuine, and benevolent to all, Robbie is an exemplary role-model!

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