Students of the Week

Katarina Serbentas

Week of November 28, 2018

Parents  Names: Tricia and Joe
City of Residence: Iron River

Katarina is a 12th grade student at WIC School.

Katarina is extremely hardworking student athlete who excels in both academics and sports. Even though Kat has a very demanding academic schedule, she has managed to excel in both tennis and basketball. She is a 4-year varsity letter winner in both tennis and basketball. She was recently named as the “All U.P. Girls’ Tennis Player of the Year.” More importantly, Kat is a genuinely honest and kind person. She is always nice to everyone around her and very respectful to her peers and teachers.


Ciara Donati

Week of November 19, 2018

Mother’s Name: April Skoglund
City of Residence: Iron River

Father’s Name: Damian Donati
City of Residence: Iron River
Ciara is a sophomore at WIC High School and she participates in: Student Council, Volleyball, Symphony, Track & Field, Key Club, Forest Club, Business Club, and volunteers her time at Medicare.

Ciara is a wonderful addition to our school community. She is a dedicated friend and peer. She works hard in and out of school; participating in multiple sports and clubs throughout the school year. She always has a smile and a kind word for those around her.


Jenna Gray

Week of November 12, 2018



Brennon Gursky

Week of November 8, 2018

Mother: Ericka Gursky
City of Residence: Iron River MI

Brennon is a 7 TH grade student and she participates in: Brennon participates in the Iron County 4-H Sharp Shooters club.

Brennon is an exceptional student. He participates to the fullest extent in the classroom, and he always strives to do the best that he can. Brennon’s determined attitude allows him to excel in math and science; two of his favorite subjects. He enjoys spending time with his mom and sister Lizzy. In his spare time Brennon enjoys playing video games, listening to music, and constructing models. Brennon’s commitment to doing well ,his respect for adults and peers, and sense of humor helps to improve upon the overall atmosphere at the West Iron County Middle School.


Jamie Child

Week of October 29, 2018


Autumn Smith

Week of October 22, 2018

Parents:Richard and Connie Smith
City of Residence: Iron River

Autumn is an 8th grade student at WIC School and she participates in: Basketball, Volleyball

Autumn has demonstrated excellent leadership skills throughout the year in the classroom. She is always eager to lead discussions and supports her opinions with good strong facts. She has performed well academically and is always striving to achieve success even in the most difficult of circumstances. It has been a pleasure to have her in Social Studies this year. Autumn’s positive attitude and demeanor are an example to all students in this school.


Jensen Guth

Week of October 15, 2018


Johnothan Swenski

Week of October 8, 2018

Mother’s Name: Stephanie Swenski
City of Residence: Gaastra MI

Father’s Name: Jeffery Swenski
City of Residence: Gaastra MI
Johnathan is 7th grade student at WIC School.
Johnothan brings with him to class everyday a great desire to learn and a willingness to put forth his best effort.


Dawson Rybicki

Week of October 1, 2018

Parents are: Christopher and Holly Rybicki
City of Residence: Iron River
Dawson is a 12th grade student at WIC School and he participates in: Tennis, National Honor Society and works part-time at CoVantage Credit Union in Iron River

Dawson is a reliable and determined student, Dawson never fails to expend maximum effort in the assignments and projects that comprise the courses that Dawson is enrolled in.


Anna Malmquist

Week of September 24, 2018

Mother’s Name: Michelle Malmquist
City of Residence: Iron River

Father’s Name: Eric Malmquist
City of Residence: Iron River

Anna is a Junior student at WIC School and she participates in: Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Student Council and Key Club

Anna is very self motivated and excels in her classes. She is an exceptional leader in her sports and clubs. Anna is a great role model for her peers and for younger students.


Brittany Cunningham

Week of September 17, 2018

Mother’s Name: Amy Cunningham
City of Residence: Iron River

Brittany is a 11th grade student at WIC School and she participates in: Volleyball, Basketball, Pom Dance, and Track.

Brittany is an extremely hard worker and tries her very best at everything she does. She is helpful and kind. Brittany has a big heart and is an enthusiastic Wykon. It’s a joy to have her in my classroom.


James Swanson

Week of September 10, 2018

Mother’s Name: Dawn Swanson
City of Residence: Iron River
Father’s Name: James Swanson
City of Residence: Iron River

James is a 12th grade student at WIC High School and participates in: Basketball, Tennis, Student Council, Church Choir, Church Praise Team and Church Youth Group.

Explain why this student is the “Student of the Week” James should be Student of the Week for many reasons: his involvement in high school sports and extra-curricular clubs; his courage, passion, and motivation to pursue his dream of working in the film industry; and his involvement in the Iron County Community by helping with the Youth Soccer League and being involved in the county’s drama group–The West End Players. However, the biggest reason James should be selected is the regular doses of kindness he indiscriminately shows everyone around him. His concern that people treat each other decently is genuine and constant and awesome.


Aspen Powell

Week of September 5, 2018

Mother’s Name: Jennifer Marcell
City of Residence: Iron River

Aspen is an 11th grade student at WIC School. She participates in: volleyball, employee at Angelis Central Market

Aspen is a polite, hard-working student with a benevolent heart who is well-respected by peers and staff alike. A dependable friend and supportive classmate, Aspen is quick to volunteer for any challenge and lend a helping hand to those in need. In the classroom setting, Aspen is a quiet leader who works diligently to reach the goals she has set for herself. She is extremely driven and internally motivated to constantly improve her performance both in and outside of school. Enthusiastic, conscientious, and responsible, Aspen is an exemplary model of how determination, hard work, and tenacious thinking can yield success!