Business Professionals of America Club Trip to Nationals

On May 3 rd Mr. and Mrs. Rometti flew to Dallas, Texas with 4 Wykon students and 2 Trojans from Forest Park. The students were ready to compete at the national level in the Business Professionals of America Club. In order to reach the national level, students needed to excel at both the regional and state level.

The Wykon students were seniors Ryan Piwarski and Riley Porier and juniors Savanah Cole and Spencer Kegley. In addition to competing, the group also looked forward to experiencing the Dallas culture, see some historical sites, and meet new people. The group was successful in each of these areas.

Spencer and Savanah each received the Ambassador Torch Award. This award was earned by excelling in leadership, community service, club service and several other categories. They were the second and third students from West Iron to ever earn this award.

Riley was the first person at nationals to gain a trading pin from each of the states and countries that attended the conference. Each state creates its own trading pin. Students take their state pin to the conference. They then meet other students and advisors from around the country and world. They trade one of their pins to the others for their state’s pin. Riley networked with students from every location. Ryan was involved in an internship while at the conference. He did film and photography work for a company called Cybis. He learned a great deal about what it takes to do the studio film work for a large (four thousand people) production. He was able to use new equipment and cameras. Ryan also placed second in the entire nation in the contest, “Digital Communication and Design”. He also earned a certification award in the Adobe Premiere software.

“The students were fun, busy, social, and excited to compete and see new places and experience as much as possible. One of the historical highlights of the trip was to visit the Sixth Floor Museum which is in the book depository where JFK was shot from,” stated advisor Lee Rometti.

If you would like to learn more about the trip, ask one of the students, they will be happy to share their experience with you.


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