Meet Mr. Chris Soha

Hi. My name is Chris Soha, a math teacher here at West Iron. I currently teach Algebra thru Calculus; and have taught just about every high school math class in my 28 plus years of teaching. Although I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with an Electrical Engineering degree, I quickly gravitated toward teaching and coaching (mostly football) because of the positive influence my teachers and coaches had on me. Teaching, I believe, is a calling; and I have been blessed to have been around all the fine people I have met, taught, worked with and hopefully influenced in a positive way over the years. Anything have given, I have received tenfold in return from the people and students involved in this profession. So thanks to all of the people in the places I have taught: Richmond, Virginia; Jacksonville, Florida; Flint, Michigan; Marquette, Michigan; and here at WIC.

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