Operations Plan 2021-2022

West Iron County Schools is making every possible effort to meet the needs of our students and follow the current Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Covid guidelines and layered approach to combating this virus.

#1 Vaccinations:
Covid-19 vaccinations are recommended for those 12 years of age and older, but will not be required for students to attend school. It is not a school required vaccine. However, please be aware that the vaccine may reduce or eliminate the need to quarantine. Please discuss your options with your healthcare provider if you wish to schedule a vaccine.

#2 Properly worn face coverings (masks):
MDHHS currently strongly recommends universal indoor masking for all staff, students, and visitors to schools, regardless of vaccination status. There is no current federal or state mask requirement that applies in Michigan. At WICS, mask wearing will be recommended for staff, students, and visitors. If there is a change, and mask wearing becomes a requirement, we will notify our school community. *However, on our school busses, properly worn masks are required, as face coverings are required on all public transportation including school buses.

#3 Screening and testing for illness
If you are sick, please stay home. We encourage you to get tested if you have Covid symptoms. Last year, spring athletes were required to be tested weekly. This is not a current requirement.

#4 Cleaning Protocols and Social Distancing
We will continue to provide a safe and clean learning environment, just like last school year. Each classroom and common space will be disinfected at least daily. In addition, we will provide cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer for each classroom and bus.

Social distancing will also be practiced as much as possible, and proper hygiene will be emphasized at all levels. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the school buildings and busses. Furthermore, every classroom on our campus has a fresh air exchange system in place for this year.

Positive Covid-19 and Close Contact Quarantines

  • Students or staff members who test positive for Covid or are subject to a community-based close contact exposure will be required to quarantine from school activities until the local health department recommended quarantine period is completed (Currently 10 days.)
  • The District will continue to assist with contact tracing and notify parents/guardians if their student is a close contact of a confirmed case of Covid at school.
  • Students who are subject to a school-based close contact exposure to Covid
    are recommended to quarantine from school activities until the local health department recommended quarantine period is completed. Students will be able to remain in school and school activities provided a parent/ guardian agrees to free periodic rapid Covid test for the student (required consent & registration), and the student shows no symptoms of illness.
  • Parents of PK-5 students will be required to assist with the rapid testing at school.

Required reporting
As per MDHHS, we will post current Covid case counts on the school website as required. Go to westiron.org for this information.

My number one priority is always the safety and well-being of all West Iron County Public Schools students and staff. Although things are improving, we are not out of this yet. This is our current plan as we start the school year. West Iron County Schools staff appreciates your support and understanding. We are entering this school year in a spirit of high hope!

--Kevin Schmutzler, Superintendent

MDHHS School Guidance Update Aug. 13, 2021
Required vs. Recommended Received Aug 13, 2021
Identify Close Contacts Received August 27, 2021

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