Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up

Dear Parents/Families,

WICS Middle/High School will be conducting their Family Teacher Conferences on October 28th. This is an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teachers to discuss their progress in school.

Your child’s teacher will be discussing the following areas with you:

  • Academic and/or behavior progress/concerns

Conference sign-ups will begin online starting Monday, October 18th, 2021.

Please follow the steps below to sign up for your preferred conference time.

There are only a select number of appointments for a given time slot and time slots fill quickly, so please sign up at your earliest convenience but no later than Thursday, October 27th.

Directions for Conference Sign-ups

  1. Go to or scan the QR code with your smartphone's camera.
  2. Find and click on the name of your child’s teacher.
    If you have multiple children and/or any 6th-12th grade students attending our schools, click on “Register for Multiple Conferences” and follow the prompts to schedule your child/children for several conferences.
  3. Select your preferred time. (Please allow time to transition from class to class when choosing your conference times.)
  4. Enter required information. (e-mail address is not required, but if you enter one, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.)
  5. Click “Sign Up for Your Conference” near the bottom of the screen.
  6. You’re done! That’s all there is to it.

If you are unable to sign up for a time and date online, please send a note with three preferred times to your child’s teacher. Once we receive your note, we will attempt to schedule a conference for your desired time but cannot guarantee your top choices as time slots fill up quickly.

If you need additional time with a teacher, feel free to sign up for two consecutive time slots or make other arrangements with your child’s teacher(s).

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MyConferenceTime does not sell or share student, parent or staff information with anyone except the school.

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