Parental/Guardian Opt-Out Form for Optional Information Provided During the SAT Suite of Assessments

During an upcoming school day, your child will participate in one of the SAT Suite of Assessments. These include the SAT® with Essay, PSAT/NMSQT®, PSAT™ 10, and PSAT™ 8/9.

The SAT Suite of Assessments prepares students for success beyond the classroom and provides important insights that track student progress over time. In addition, the April 2024 assessment administration, which is required by state and federal law, provides important information regarding your student’s progress in mastering Michigan’s English language arts and mathematics content standards as well as college-and-career readiness goals.

SAT assessment score reports are provided to your child’s school. Additionally, students may access their test scores on the mobile application College Board’s BigFuture School™. Note: This app is not available for PSAT 8/9 test results or for students under 13 years old.

Students can download BigFuture School from an app store and then use the phone number they provided during testing to authenticate into the app. Once there, students can see their scores and get customized career information and guidance about planning and paying for college. The phone number that the student provides during testing is used only for app authentication and to notify your child by text that test scores are ready.

During testing and while students are using the BigFuture School app, they can choose to participate in the new Connections™ program, which is free to students. Using the Connections program lets your child connect to nonprofit colleges, scholarship organizations, and nonprofit educational organizations interested in students like them, without any of your child’s personal information being disclosed.

As part of the testing experience, your child may choose to provide basic information about themselves. College Board uses this optional data to provide scores directly to students, along with guidance about planning and paying for college, and customized career information through BigFuture School; to connect students to scholarship opportunities and colleges of interest to the student through Connections; and to maintain the fairness and validity of the tests.

For more information, refer to College Board’s Digital SAT Suite Student Data Privacy Statement

To opt out your child from providing the Optional Student Information, complete this form by downloading and signing the form below and return it to your school before the start date for the SAT Suite of Assessments Testing Window on April 8, 2024.

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