Participation in College Planning Options Consent Form

Your child will participate in one of the SAT® Suite of Assessments on a school day—SAT® with Essay, SAT®, PSAT/NMSQT® or the PSATTM10. The purpose of this form is to explain the information your student will be required to provide and the options available to your student related to their free SAT score sends, Student Search Service®, and the student questionnaire.


Students will be required to provide College Board, the provider of the SAT Suite of Assessments, their first and last name, school name and school code, date of birth, grade level, gender and, for some states and districts, student identification number. This information is the minimum needed for scoring and reporting test results.

Options for Students


Students who are taking the SAT with Essay can send their scores to up to four colleges or scholarship programs at no cost. Score sends are optional, but students are encouraged to demonstrate their interest in their chosen schools early. Parental consent is not required for students to utilize their four free score sends.


Student Search Service connects students with colleges and scholarship organizations by sharing their information with participating organizations. This offers you and your student:

  • Information about colleges and universities that match your student’s academic interests
  • Information on financial aid and scholarships to help deserving students access scholarships they’ve earned
  • Information about majors, courses, and degree options

College Board only shares student data with eligible colleges, universities, scholarships, and educational opportunity programs that have signed an agreement to only communicate with students for the purposes listed above. These entities most often connect with students based on expected graduation date, cumulative grade point average (GPA), score range, and intended college major. The service is free to the student, but these entities pay College Board a license fee to use the service. College Board uses these license fees to support its mission-driven work, including providing vouchers so students from lower-income families can take the test for free. College Board is a not-for-profit organization.


Parents may provide consent for their student to opt into Student Search Service and complete the optional online questionnaire during a test preadministration session or during school day testing by signing this form.

The SAT Study Guide describes what the student questionnaire asks and how student information is used. The SAT Study Guide ( can be accessed from the College Board website.

Parents can learn more at the College Board Privacy Center webpage (

Indicate below if your child will or will not complete the optional questionnaire and opt into Student Search Service during school day testing. Return this completed and signed form to your child’s school by the deadline set by your school.

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