Safety Notification

Dear Family,

This afternoon the superintendents of districts in Dickinson and Iron Counties were informed that a national TikTok challenge has been circulating nationally daring students to bring weapons to school tomorrow, December 17, 2021. We are hopeful that this is the effort of a small number of students who are trying to get schools to close early ahead of the holiday break.

To be clear, we have not received any specific threats to any of our districts. We are issuing this statement to let families know that we are aware of this particular challenge, that we have received no threats, and that, should a student decide to participate in this challenge, severe consequences will follow.

We are united in our view regarding any student who might decide to take up such a dangerous and illegal challenge. Any student, in any of our districts, who decides to participate in this challenge and bring any type of weapon to school, not just tomorrow, but at any time, will face the severest of penalties we and our Boards can administer and will be referred to law enforcement for prosecution.

We are issuing this statement collectively in order to stress the serious nature of this ridiculous challenge. It is not funny and will not be treated as such. This includes anyone who might find it amusing to bring a facsimile of a weapon to school. Such an occurrence will be dealt with severely as well, including referral to legal authorities.

Many of our schools and classrooms have fun holiday activities planned for tomorrow and it is our hope and goal that these events happen as planned.

Thank you for your attention and the happiest and safest of holidays to each and every one of you.


David Holmes, Breitung Township Schools
Christy Larson, Forest Park Schools
Jerry Sardina, Iron Mountain Public Schools
Angel Inglese, North Dickinson County School
Lou Steigerwald, Norway-Vulcan Area Schools
Kevin Schmutzler, West Iron County Schools
Jen Huotari, Dickinson-Iron Intermediate Schools

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