Safety & Security Advisory Committee – January Update

Dear Wykon Staff & Families,

Our Safety & Security Advisory Committee has met twice since the committee was formed in November. The group is co-chaired by Board member Ian Gill and teacher Jeff Swenski. Other committee members include administrators; Kevin Schmutzler, Mike Berutti, Heidi Priestley, teachers; Jesse Casari, Sara Gill, & Kyle Manzoline, community members; Chara Wiegand, Merrie Gillaspie, & Craig Richardson, along with law enforcement; Doug Weesner. Alternate members include Ryan Meske, Anthony Clements, Ryan Boehmke, Curt Harrington, & Brian Rippey.

In our initial meetings, we toured the buildings with critical eyes, reviewed our entrance procedures and our emergency notification system & procedures, shared our plans for a current safety grant, and discussed a safety webinar that several of us participated in.

The webinar title was L.E.A.S.T. - Lockdown Evacuation And Survival Tactics with Jesus Villahermosa, an expert in the field of school emergency preparedness. He shared some statistical facts and best practices that have made us shift some of our current practices.

  • 90% of shootings take place during passing/non-instructional time. He emphasized the need for conducting drills at these sorts of times (lunchtime, recess, between classes) and also to do these unannounced or prescheduled. So, in response to this, we will be conducting our future Lockdown drills during these non-traditional times and without prior notice. It is not our intention to cause any undue stress by doing these in this manner, but rather to prepare everyone for the reality of the appropriate response in an emergency situation.
  • As of today, no school shooter has ever breached a locked classroom door. So, our classroom doors are to remain shut and locked during classroom instruction. Again, we are simply enacting a national safety best practice to ensure our students and staff are safe.

The Michigan safety grant that we recently submitted includes upgrading our security camera system on campus & on our buses, door alarms, replacing a couple more exterior doors, staff training & book study, improving security in our office areas, additional notification devices and weapon detection abilities, etc.

Safety tip from Dep. Weesner - Student pick up & drop off area: When dropping off students, please pull forward so that other cars can safely pull into the lot. Have your students ready to go as soon as you pull up. If you wish to walk your student to the door, then please utilize the visitor parking spots so that we can keep the traffic flow moving. Remember, the speed limit on school grounds and around the school is 15 miles per hour.

Thank you for your support with our continued safety efforts. If you have any questions, please contact any of the committee members.

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