Stambaugh El Survey Snapshot

Our school administered surveys to measure student, staff, and family perception of factors pertaining to school climate and student life skills. Below are some of the main take-aways and how we plan to use this data!


  • Student: Relationship Skills: Overall students believe that their peers listen, compliment and care about one another.
  • Staff: Glows: Student Mindset: this response rate shows that our staff is 5% higher than compared to others in the DIISD. Our staff believe our learners can do difficult things and problem solve issues.
  • Family: Glows: Family Support: the response shows a 6% increase in this area compared to other schools within the DIISD. Responses show that families are interacting in their student’s education.


  • Student: School Climate: continue to use new programming (CKH) in addition to sibling classes, fun Fridays and other family events to boost school climate.
  • Staff: School Climate:
  • Staff would like to see a stronger tiered support system for new educators.
  • Family: School Climate: The school will create more opportunities for parent involvement during the school day.


To implement a multi-tiered systems of support that are used consistently across all school programming to see a positive increase in school climate for staff and students.

Action Steps


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